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Driveshaft Information

How to measure 
(if needed) Info on measuring vehicles for a custom driveshaft.  U-Joint Flange- Pinion Yoke measurements.  ID of different Driveshaft Types. 

U-Joint Identification
Basic U-Joint series size guide with dimensions for Inside & Outside lockup

Performer Series Steel Driveshafts
High Performance Steel Driveshafts
For Muscle cars, Hot Rods and Race Cars.  Also a Hi-Strength OE replacement driveshaft.

Nitro Series Steel driveshaft
Race Duty Hi-Strength DOM Steel High Performance Driveshaft in 1350 series U-Joint.  2000+Horsepower!

Import Driveshafts
Listings for New and Remanufactured Import Driveshafts for rear drive cars and trucks.

Aluminum Driveshafts

OE  Type Aluminum
Muscle Car - Hot Rods
Import Cars - tRUCKS


Truck Driveshafts
Driveshafts for 4x4 and 2 wheel drive.  Front 4x4 Driveshafts. Custom Drive Shafts for lifted trucks. GM, Dodge, Ford, Jeep.

Chevy-GMC Trucks

Camaro & Firebird Driveshafts
New design 1 pc driveshafts for V-6 Camaro and Firebirds.  Custom Drive Shafts for ALL Camaro's and Firebird's.

Corvette and Cobra
Drive Shafts - Transmission Yokes - Flanges and Parts. 

Classics and Antiques
Carrier bearings for the older Buicks and Cadillac's as well as can rebuild most of the CV driveshafts.  Dodge and Chrysler Ball and Trunion driveshaft conversions.

Driveshaft type Diagrams
Diagrams of most driveshaft types used and measure diagrams for each type.

Driveshaft Part Listings

Transmission Slip Yokes
Transmission Yokes and 4x4 Transfer Case Slip yokes for cars and trucks.
 Allison Yokes - GM Yokes - Ford Yokes - Dodge/Mopar Yokes - Jeep Yokes

Transfer Case Bolt-on Yokes
Bolt on fixed type end yokes for transfer case.  CV type and single U-Joint yokes.  See Transmission for Slip type yokes

Pinion Yokes - Differential
Differential pinion yokes and flanges.

Driveshaft Component Parts
Listings for Universal Joints, Carrier Bearings, U-Bolts-Bolt/Strap Kits, Mid-Slip Yokes, Splined Stub Shafts. CV parts and diagrams.

Driveshaft Questions
Common Driveshaft questions and answers.

Customer Comments
Email feed back and testimonials from our customers.

Shop Photos

Mercedes Replacement Driveshafts

Please call for exact pricing and availability.

Most Mercedes are the 2 piece type with tri-pongs at each end using flex disc (guibo).  Flex disc are not included.


Typical pricing at $395 to $445 for most Mercedes Applications. 
Shipping included.  A few driveshafts run as much as $515.  Temporary $80-150 Core Charge.  We pay shipping both ways for 48 states.

Flex Disc are not included.

 All MERCEDES Driveshafts will have a Core Charge of $80-150 for typical 2pc Driveshafts.  Some Mercedes 3pc Units have a more Expensive Core Deposit.  Mercedes built an Excellent Quality Original Equipment Driveshaft!  EVERY Single Moving Part and Component is replaced with New Perfect Operating Parts, Fully Assembled, Hi-Speed Balanced and Tested for Performance Prior to Shipping.  Our Re-Manufacturing Process is done EXACTLY as the German Engineer's did Originally.  No Cutting-Grinding or Mutilation of the Original Driveshaft. 


4-Matic Front Driveshafts.

$355 including shipping.  100% New Driveshafts.  No Core charge.

Most Models - including E320-E350- S430 - S500

4-Matic rear driveshafts are usually available for $390 to $515 + $80 core charge.  We pay all shipping.


ML Series FRONT Driveshafts available at $445 including shipping.  No core charge.  Driveshaft is 100% new.

ML rear shafts typically run $595 with shipping included. 


Call if you don't see your model.  We carry a lot of older model driveshafts.


Core Return Procedure (old driveshaft return process)

We try to make this process as painless as possible for you.

 We will provide a Pre-Printed/Pre-Paid UPS Return Shipping Label.  Simply use the carton the New Driveshaft arrived in.  Put OLD Shaft in Box - Seal It - Apply NEW Label over the Original shipping label and Give to ANY UPS Driver or leave at any UPS Drop OFF Location.   As simple as we can make it.

CORE CREDIT is Typically issued within 7-10 BUSINESS Days of Old Unit Arriving at our Locations.   It takes a little time to check in the old driveshafts and get the paperwork processed.  We Do Not Want your Core Deposit money!  Please send the old Driveshaft Back! 

Most Cores are Re-Usable and we issue refunds on 99.99%, but if the driveshaft has been  run beyond the limits - No Core refund is possible.  Note:  If your old Driveshaft is damaged beyond repair,  Please let us know up front if the old driveshaft has bent tubes, broken ends or any abnormal wear.  We will advise up front if the core credit could be denied. 


Please call for additional information, free technical advice and exact pricing.  We are happy to assist.